Professor "Knowl" will help you learn the standard chart patterns

Unlike most sources of information available for Forex chart patterns, this book won't stop at the technical analysis characteristics of the different patterns. The chart patterns are a part of a whole, and our goal here is to show and explain the whole picture so you can trade profitably using the knowledge gathered from this book.

To reach that goal we will go through three main topics throughout the book:

  • The first topic is the technical aspect of the chart patterns covered in the book, this includes detailed illustration for the patterns' price action structure as well as target (take profit) and failure (stop loss) measurements, before finalizing each chart pattern with a full real trading setup as a usage example for the pattern in real trading.
  • The second topic will be tabular data for all the chart patterns, which can be helpful when choosing patterns that suits your trading style the most, followed by an explanation of how to differentiate similar looking patterns using price action highs and lows.
  • The third and most important topic is how to use that technical knowledge gathered for the different chart patterns in a real Forex money management plan for a trading cycle, to achieve that we will use our own strategy to show the the whole thought process before starting a trading cycle.

Before we dive right into the interesting content, remember that Forex trading -and trading in general- is not only about the analysis of charts or financial news, it heavily relies on both money management and trading management for consistency reasons, therefore trading a chart pattern must be a part of bigger plan.