TradingSpine toolkit compatibility

Compatibility FAQ

Q. Why Microsoft Excel?

The tools for trading and money management requires a lot of complex and simultaneous calculations, as well as the simultaneous validation performed by 10 harmonic tools. The fact that all the tools are connected and aware of each other, made a simple action like changing a brokerage account's value or a forex pair's exchange rate trigger hunderds and sometimes thousands of calculations to update all the tools accordingly. So we needed an engine made specifically for calculations, and ofcourse Excel was our top choice due to its versatility and popularity.

Q. Which Microsoft Excel versions are supported?

The toolkit is developed to run on Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions (Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Excel 2016).

Q. Which Windows versions are supported?

The toolkit doesn't use any Windows API except for licensing purposes, all the functions are purely based on the built-in worksheet functions and VBA provided by the Excel engine, therefore if your computer can run Microsoft Excel 2007 or later, it can run our toolkit.

Q. Will the toolkit run on Mac OS?

Yes & No! The toolkit is developed from ground up to be compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, but we haven't yet found a proper way to secure the toolkit for licensing on Mac OS. We are certainly doing our best to release the toolkit for Mac OS users as soon as possible, hopefully within the next quarter.

Q. What happens if the toolkit didn't run properly on my computer?

Our support team will spare no effort in helping you fix any issues that you might face, if for some reason we weren't able to resolve the issue and ensure a smooth operation of the toolkit, we will refund back your full payment.