it is all about consistency
Forex money management tools flow within TradingSpine's trading toolkit


The 4 forex money management tools categorized

The toolkit covers both phases of money management:

  1. Creating the rules set for a forex trading cycle
  2. Managing those rules throughot that trading cycle

Full forex trading cycles can be created and managed completely inside the money management tools, this enabled full automation for all the off-chart activities that plays a primary role in consistent trading.


where consistency starts


trading cycle creator

For traders who don't already have a set of rules for money management, this tool provides an interactive 5-steps process to create a plan anchored around the only constant in money management, the trader's edge over the market.

A plan created by this tool will set the money management rules for the whole forex trading cycle and all the other tools in the kit will be operating under those rules, thus automating all the complex calculations needed for consistent trading.

Any money management plan consists of many variables that affects the plan, but there will always be only "one" constant, which is the trading edge. The tool breaks that edge down to its two components (win/loss & reward:risk), where they will be both used for calculations throughout the trading cycle where they fit.

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trading cycle creator

For traders who already have their tested set of rules for money management, this tool will blindly use those defined rules by applying them to all money management calculations throughout the forex trading cycle.

When a trader is already trading consistently, he definitely have a strict set of money management rules applied to all trading activities, and sticking to those rules will always come in the first place.

This tool offers a solution to automate calculations for those rules blindly, resulting in saving a lot of time wasted by the trader on those calculations while keeping those rules exactly as they are.

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where consistency is managed



Creating a money management plan is a one time action for each forex trading cycle, applying that plan throughout the trading cycle requires proactive management and lots of calculations that usually drives a trader to shift all focus towards active trading, resulting in entering trades that aren't following any money management rules.

That shift of focus, or lets say "deserting" money management, results in over trading and entering trades with higher risk than planned, leaving the trader vurnable to psychological effects of the market and usually ends in a streak of losses.

This tool is designed to maintain trading consistency at all times, it will do all the complex and confusing calculations automatically and populate the results to the trading tools while providing 4 different perspectives for the trading cycle status, eliminating the execuses a trader gives himself to desert money management & consistency.

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Checkpoints tool overview - Introducing checkpoints concept

The tool introduces "checkpoints" as milestones throughout the trading cycle, they are calculated by applying money management rules to the new balance at the end of each checkpoint, and results are populated as trading thresholds to the trading tools.

A checkpoint can be a single trade or a series of trades, making it suitable for scalpers, short-term, medium-term, and long-term traders. The user won't be limited to one type of checkpoints during a trading cycle, they can be mixed as needed.

Checkpoints tool overview - 4 perspective for your status

Trading cycle's status is expressed in 4 different perspectives, starting with the narrowest perspective of the active checkpoint, and ending with the broadest perspective of the trading briefcase.

Having all those perspective side-by-side gives a true respresentation of trading performance and keeps the trader informed with all the data collected trading continues, resulting in a trading environment tailored around consistency.

Checkpoints tool overview - Seamlessly integrated with the other tools

The tool is directly connected to the trading tools through a seamless flow of data at all times, sending trading thresholds to the trading tools and recieving updated standing for the current checkpoint when a trade is closed.

When a checkpoint is closed, calculations for the next checkpoint are processed and populated to the trading tools.

Checkpoints tool overview - Providing detailed data

The 4 perspectives are calculated with as much data as possible, resulting in more detailed information about checkpoints, trades, target status, checkpoint thresholds...etc

Checkpoints tool overview - Visualizing your status and performance

The mini charts in the tool provides visual representation for checkpoints' thresholds, target status and briefcase status.

Those charts are also populated to the trading tools to provide visual representation of money management status while calculating trades.

Checkpoints tool overview - Driven by a single value

The tools operates using a single value for each checkpoint, which is the closing balance.

That value is automatically calculated by the "Active Trades" tool according to closed trades standing, so that a checkpoint can be closed using just a single-click, or the closure balance can be manually entered if its value is different from the one calculated for one reason or another (swap, commission, withdrawal..etc).


plotting trading consistency


trading cycle visualizer

This tool plots the active trading cycle's performance on a single chart, making it easy to spot strengths and weaknesses directly on the chart so they can be focused on to further enhance future trading performance.

What makes this tool stand out from the standard balance charts provided by the majority of forex brokers is that it doesn't show a chart for individual trades, it shows pure "money management" performance, thus literally visualizing trading consistency on a chart.

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